5. How to create Automation campaigns

Here we will show you an example on how to create an Automation campaign in ActiveCampaign using the events and information collected by this plugin.

This example should serve you as a good starting point to know how to create your Automations, but the possibilities are endless.

Statistics say that the best time to send them the first email is between 1 and 2 hours after they abandon the cart.

Then it is also good to add a second email 24 hours later, mentioning some scarcity, like for example, reminding them that the items are not reserved and the stock can finish any time. 

The emails we send will have the cart recovery link so they can restore their cart as they left it off.
  1. Create a new Automation selecting Start from scratch, to start with a blank template, and selecting When a tag is added as the Automation trigger.

    Automation Trigger

  2. Select your Cart Recovery tag, and select the run Multiple times option. This way we can repeat this automation in the future if the customer abandones the cart again. 

    Automation Tag

  3. Add the following actions (clicking the + button or drag/drop from the sidebar): Add the Wait action, and set it to one hour, and then add the Send email action.

    In the email content, you could use any personalization tag. This plugin add some very useful Personalization Tags, like the Last Cart Contents tag, and the Last Cart Recovery URL Query tag, that we will use for this example.

    With the  Last Cart Contents tag you can display the contents of the cart that they abandoned, for example Product 1 (x2), Product 2 (x3). You can configure the wording in the settings.

    With the Last Cart Recovery ID tag you can create a link to any page of your website and restore their cart as they left it. In this example we will send them to the cart page. After the cart URL (https://demoshop.com/cart/), we add "?" to indicate the start of the parameters, then the parameter gm-wac-cart=%DEMOSHOP_LAST_CART_RECOVERY_ID%.

    Additionally, because we already know the contact, we can start tracking them even if they are not logged in, just by adding "&" to indicate a new parameter, and adding gm-wc-ac-cid=%SUBSCRIBERID%. This URL that we created could be used just for the link, making clickable any phrase.

    Automation Email

  4. After the Send email action, we repeat the process to add the Wait 24 hours and Send Email again.

  5. Then we add a Goal, where contacts in the automation will jump to depending on the conditions we set. For this example, the condition is when the contact makes a purchase, so the condition is when the Paid tag is added. Select When this goal is below contact position, and If the contact does not meet the conditions continue anyway.

    Cart Recovery Goal

  6. After the Goal, add the Remove tag action, that removes the Cart Recovery tag, and another one to remove the Cart Paid tag. This way if the customer abandones the cart again in the future, this Automation can be triggered again (if the customer already has the tag, it cannot be added, and the Automation won't trigger). 

    Cart Recovery Automation

  7. Click the title at the top left to change the name to what you want, for example Cart Recovery Demo.

Further Cart Recovery Ideas

Some people like to add a third email 2 days later with a discount code. You could add it exactly the same way after the second email. Be careful with this kind of emails, because you could end up training your customers to always abandon the cart for that time in order to get the discount. Some preventive ideas is to only send this coupon to customers that purchased a certain amount in your store (with the custom field Total Spent). Or only if the last cart total is more than a certain amount (with the custom field Last Cart Total). 

You can add this kind of segmentation by adding the If/Else action, selecting the desired custom field as the condition.

Automation If/Else

We don't recommend sending more than 3 emails, because you could annoy your customers, and risk being marked as Spam.

Further Automation Ideas

Now you should have a good idea how to create an Automation. You can create more automations for other things than cart recovery.

For example you might want to send an email with a discount coupon to customers that purchased more than one time, but the last order was more than 6 months ago.

You could send a special anniversary discount coupon one year after a customer made their first purchase.

You can send an email one month after a purchase that contains one block of text and images with product upsells if the customer purchased a product in a certain category, and with different upsales if they purchased a product in a different category.

You can send an email one week after a certain product is purchased asking for feedback or to leave a review.

You can figure out how to do those and any other that you can imagine by using the data from this plugin and the powerful Automations in ActiveCampaing.

Good luck with your sales!

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