4. How to create targeted and personal campaigns

When using this plugin you will collect plenty of information about your contacts in ActiveCampaign, that you can use to send targeted and personal campaigns, both manually or through Automations.

Manual campaings
A manual campaign is a regular one-time campaign, but now you can segment your contacts using the information that you get from this plugin.

  1. When creating your campaign, in the Lists step, click the Segment Selected List(s) button.

    Manual Campaign List

  2. At the bottom you will see a button to create a new segment.

    Manual List Segment

  3. Create your segment as you wish. You can segment customers that purchased one product but not other, customers that spent more than $200 in your store but didn't purchase in 3 months, visitors of certain pages of your website that did not purchase... the possibilities are endless. As an example, here is a segment for customers that purchased a specific product and spent more than $100 in the store, or contacts referred by certain promotion at a partners' website.

    Manual List Segment Conditions

  4. In the Design step, you can send personalized content by using the custom fields available, and personalize the content with conditional blocks.  

    Manual Design

Automation Campaigns

With Automation campaigns, you can send individual emails to your contacts based on different triggers specific for that contact, and now you can also use the events and information received from this plugin. In the next section we show you how to create an Automation campaign for the cart recovery strategy.

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